I am a natural organizer - it energizes me to do this kind of work.

About Me

Jodie Siegel Professional OrganizerI have worn many hats over the course of my career.  I worked as an engineer and project manager, both roles that require a lot of organizing skills.  In my specialized field (textiles & environment), I spent a lot of time managing “stuff” – what we really need, what to do with it when we remove it, and how to progress without reverting to old ways.  I am an artist and a potter, and aesthetics make a world of difference to how I feel in any space.

Organizing space and stuff is what I am really passionate about.  Taking a room that feels cramped or awkward and transforming it into an inviting space is truly rewarding for me.  I am also a mom to two young children (talk about organizing!), and when deciding to return to the workforce, I decided that what really excited me was to make my personal passion the focus of my profession. 

As a professional organizer, I use all of my skills and experiences to serve the needs of my clients.  I will work with you with compassion and care, understanding that this is a difficult process for most people, and that each person has different needs for their space and comfort.  

My services are completely confidential.


I’m a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and NAPO New England, and attend continuing education classes and discussion groups to keep current with best practices in the organizing field.

Serving Cambridge, Belmont, Somerville and the Boston Metro area with space planning and organizing.