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What Clients Say

After"I approached my basement clean-up with great trepidation. I’d let clutter accumulate because I hate throwing out useful objects and wasn’t ready to part with many things my children once treasured. Jodie was a godsend. She patiently helped me to sort through a mountain art projects, toys, books and sports gear. She helped me figure out what childhood treasures were worth keeping, and she found a variety of grateful homes for the toys and items we no longer needed. Now heading down to the basement is a pleasure!

BeforeI didn’t think I was the sort of person who hired a professional organizer. But sometimes we all just need a nudge and the sort of focus that only a professional can lend. I know I couldn’t have parted with my clutter without Jodie."

J.H., Cambridge


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"In just a few hours, Jodie helped take my office from towering piles of paper and unsorted files to a workable system. She has an amazing ability to help you take that first step into what feels impossibly overwhelming and step by step, create order and sanity out of chaos. Don’t delay – call Clear Your Space – it will help clear your mind, too!"
I.K., Boston, MA

Serving Cambridge, Belmont, Somerville and the Boston Metro area with space planning and organizing.